Minimum 2 riders for 4 hour rides / Minimum 3 riders for 6 hour rides

You will love doing a bike tour in Tokyo! Choose from the five different guided rides above for a great look at Japan's capital city! The bike tours are mix of both new and old - so you'll see back streets, city centers, parks, rivers, cemeterys and more! The rides are a great way to catch a lot of the main tourist sites in Tokyo in a compact amount of time - much more fun than traveling around on crowded trains or subways! Whether you are a family, a group or just solo, joining a bicycle tour is a great experience. All the rides are in English and provide for excellent photo opportunities along the way! For families there are 3-4 children bikes suitable for kids 9 years old and above, and 2 bikes with child seats (ask for details). Click 'Reservations' tab above for info about signing up!


June 15th - RESERVED

June 16th - Ride Available!

June 17th - RESERVED

June 18th - RESERVED

June 19th - RESERVED

June 20th - Ride Available!

June 21st - Ride Available!

June 22nd - Ride Available!

June 23rd - RESERVED

June 24th - Ride Available!

June 25th - Ride Available!

June 26th - Ride Available!!

June 27th - Ride Available!

June 28th - RESERVED

June 29th - Ride Available!

June 30th - Ride Available!

July 1st - Ride Available!

July 2nd - RESERVED

July 3rd - Ride Available!

July 4th - Ride Available!

July 5th - RESERVED

July 6th - Ride Available!

July 7th - Ride Available!

July 8th - Ride Available!

July 9th - RESERVED

July 10th - Ride Available!

July 11th - Ride Available!

July 12th - Ride Available!

July 13th - Ride Available!

July 14th - Ride Available!


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Hi, I'm Neil from the USA and I'm the owner and guide for the tours! I've been in Tokyo over 10 years, speak decent Japanese, and have been giving bicycle tours for the past 5+ years! All the routes are fun and not too difficult, but probably the 4 hour rides are best for families and those who aren't super sporty. The 6 hour rides go quite a distance (30km), so better for people who are fit and good on bicycles. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!