What do I need to bring?

Just wear sporty clothing, bring money to pay for the tour, and some extra money (ą1500 or so) for buying drinks and food along the way.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes. Rides only go when there are enough riders (minimum 2), and limited it to 6 riders per a tour. It is suggested to make reservations at least two days in advance.

What if it is bad weather?

If the forecast calls for rain or bad weather, the tour will be canceled. You'll receive an email to let you know by usually around 24 hours before the tour.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

No, sorry only Japanese yen is accepted. If needed we can stop at an ATM along the way.

Do I have to be in really good shape?

No, but you should be ready for a little exercise. There are a few hills (Tokyo is hilly!), but the course is fun and not too difficult. If you are a decent bike rider it shouldn't be a problem. All riders, however, should be able to ride a bike - none of the courses are for beginners!

How many riders are on a tour?

A typical ride has only 4 or 5 riders and the usual maximum size is to 6. However, there are over 20 bikes so a larger number can be accomodated.

Does it get too cold in the winter in Tokyo for bicycle riding?

A typical day in January is around 8C-10C degrees (47F - 50F degrees), so not too cold. Especially if its a sunny day, it can be pleasant for riding. As well, it rarely snows in Tokyo.

On the 6 hour tour I see we stop at the Tokyo Tower, do we go up to a viewing platform?

No, we just stop for photos, take a short break and look at it from the ground.

Are children okay to come on the tour?

Children may join a ride with their family, but should be age 9 or above, and be competent on a bicycle. There are several smaller bikes okay for children, and all bikes use hand brakes (not the reverse pedal brakes) Check when reserving to make sure there are enough bikes.

Is it possible to arrange a tour starting at an earlier or later time?

Some areas on the routes are best visited in the morning, so the 9am start time is best - but there is some flexibility. Contact for more details.

Is it possible to arrange for a group larger than 6 people?

Yes! As long as everyone is from one group, its possible! There are over 20 bikes. Contact for details.

What is there to eat for lunch?

ĽOn the CENTRAL CITY and CENTRAL CULTURE rides there is a 20 minute stop in Harajuku/Takeshita-dori, where one can get a crepe or get something from a convenience store, McD's, etc.
ĽOn the TOUR DE TOKYO ride there is the stop at Takeshita-dori street for crepes, and later a short stop at Tokyo Tower where food is available.
ĽOn the TOKYO BAY ride, there is an hour plus long stop in Odaiba and riders can have lunch at one of the restaurants over looking the bay.

Is it possible to arrange for a private tour?

It's possible - but only for groups of 4 or more. Contact for details.

Is insurance included?

Limited insurance for collision liability is included, however riders should have their own personal/travel insurance for coverage in the unlikely case of an accident. Riders are asked to sign a waiver form before the ride.

Call: 080-3209-9996 for info/questions. English OK!